The Public Enemy Number One (1)


When he came to power he realized that the Nigeria Police was overwhelmed by the challenges of policing the vast Nigerian territory. The Nigeria Police was forced to bite more than it can chew!

He also realized that Nigeria was not ripe for the state police concept.

He created some agencies with specialization in some areas of law enforcement. This way the size of the chunk than the Nigeria Police was forced to chew was reduced to a manageable size.

The newly created specialized law enforcement agencies, were each given enough to bite and chew while at the same time relieving the Nigeria Police of some of its burden.

Thus, agencies like the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control came into existence to address challenges to law enforcement in the areas of road traffic, drug trafficking and adulteration of food and drugs.

This way he not only establish specialized agencies to tackle the challenges, he left the Nigeria Police with a sizeable chunk to bite and chew as well as creat employment opportunities.

Yet, to most Nigerians he remains the public enemy number one!

PS: his attempt to create the National Guard, to provide an intermediate layer of defence between the Police and the Armed Forces, suitable for tackling the insurgency and banditry we are experiencing today, was frustrated by some shallow thinking Nigerians who ‘imagined’ that he is planning to use it to perpetuate himself in power till thy kingdom come.

Aliyu Ammani 
U/Shanu Kaduna


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