Re: Senate Presidency: Arewa rejects Lawan

Ahmed Lawan

You Can’t Speak for Northern Youths – Lawan Group Replies AYCF

The attention of the Senator Ahmed Lawan Media Support Group has been drawn to a statement exposing desperate antics by agents of those that have lost out in the ongoing democratic process ahead of the election of presiding officers of the ninth National Assembly.

We have been foretold of plots to sponsor political jobbers in the garb of youth associations to disparage the person of Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan and to also berate the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) on its decision to endorse Senator Ahmed Lawan as President of the ninth Senate.

Such predicted desperate approach manifested in a statement issued by a group in the name of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) which has a well-known reputation as opportunist and political hireling. The group in a statement by its National President, Mr. Yerima Shettima has once again arrogated itself an erroneous claim of representing the northern youth. This is a self-delusional claim as ACYF cannot be said to represent Arewa youths going by its antecedents, especially in the just concluded election, when it rejected President Muhammadu Buhari.

While we would have preferred to ignore Shettima and his sponsors to their agony of imminent defeat, it is however pertinent to draw attention to some of the salient points raised in the AYCF statement.

The choice of Senator Ahmed Lawan as president of the ninth Senate is beyond the decision of a single individual leader of the APC. Contrary to claim by Shettima, as at the last count various levels of the party have expressed support to the candidature of Lawan including the National Working Committee, the Presidency, majority of APC senators-elect and governors of the party. These are the critical stakeholders of the party and they reserve the right to intervene in affairs of their party.

AYCF should also be aware that aside his endorsement by the party, Senator Lawan has been actively engaging all senators-elect across party lines with the view of securing popular support. At the moment, he has succeeded in garnering the support of majority of senators elect. This may not go down well with the Shettima’s of this world and their ilk but that’s the reality.

The question should have been, is Ahmed Lawan qualified for the position and the answer would be an emphatic YES. We challenge Mr. Shettima to controvert the fact that Lawan remains the most experienced of all the other aspirants for the position, including his paymasters. We challenge him to controvert the fact that Lawan is by academic standing higher than his paymaster and above all, Mr. Shettima should tell the world how and why it must be his paymaster and not Senator Lawan. We also challenge Shettima’s paymaster to address a press conference where ten (10) other APC senators are in attendance.

In addition, if APC should not interfere in its own affairs, which angers Mr. Shettima, why should a Mr. Shettima and his group that are known to be supporters of the minority Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) enjoy such right. We are glad to note that while shouting ‘imposition’, the AYCF also arrogated itself the powers to impose Senator Ali Ndume on the ninth Senate. This is a clear indication that the APC leadership was right by not trusting a member that hobnobs with groups sympathetic to the PDP, while trying to benefit from APC’s hard won electoral victory.

Mr. Shettima should wake from his slumber to the reality that the Senator Lawan project is a popular moving train. A simple survey would have cleared Shettima’s doubt. We call on the AYCF and indeed all politically active groups across the country to key into the Lawan project for a productive ninth Senate. Shettima should not allow his group to become one that is perpetually on the losing side.

The truth remains Shettima and his co-travelers are mere masquerades dancing to the tune of an unseen drummer- a desperate political rebel trying to hijack the leadership of the ninth Senate. No amount of statements and endorsements by self-centered middle-aged men parading themselves as youths can change the resolve of the APC on Senator Ahmed Lawan.


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